TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Next course starts 29th May 2023 – enrolments now open. 2 spaces left!

Please note that the teach out period for TAE40116 has been extended to December 2024.

TAE40122 will be scheduled for delivery early 2024.

Course Overview ​

Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who:

  • aspires to train and assess within the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector and deliver and assess against nationally recognised qualifications, skillsets or units of competency
  • delivers non-accredited training and would like to elevate their skills within a nationally recognised framework for trainers and assessors
  • delivers VET in Schools programs (please get in touch for specialised School Teacher course calendar)
  • wish to refresh their skills and knowledge as prior qualifications that are no longer current (prior to TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)
  • would like to set up their own Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • is partnering with an RTO and needs additional skillset to complement this arrangement and further their knowledge of the VET sector and compliance requirements under the Standards for RTOs 2015
  • wishes to set up a nationally accredited program within the VET sector
  • is required as part of their job description or for compliance reasons within their workplace or on a client site.

​Entry Requirements

Those entering this program must be able to demonstrate vocational competency in their proposed teaching and assessing area. Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience, and may include, but is not limited to, holding a relevant unit of competency or qualification.
It is recommended that you have good computer skills, including ability to research on the internet and basic keyboard skills to complete assessment templates. You will also be working in an online environment.
For those who do not have good computer skills a foundation course is recommended prior to commencement. These courses are available via Murray House Resource Centre and are subject to minimum numbers. Please discuss this with us prior to enrolling in this qualification

Australian Qualification Framework – learning outcomes criteria

Pre-course entry assessment

Before you attend the program, you will be asked to complete a ‘pre-course entry assessment. This is to provide evidence that you are capable of the level of comprehension and computer skills needed to successfully complete the course. Students who cannot complete this short assessment are advise to enroll in a computer/literacy short course, and then apply again when they are in a stronger position to meet the needs of the complexity of the learning outcomes required according to the Australian Qualification Framework – Level 4 (as above).

Telephone interview

A trainer and assessor will contact you to have a discussion about your learning outcomes, training needs, special requirements and your career aspirations so that you get what you want from your studies. You will be guided to explore options that suit your individual requirements within the program and to ensure that the program is suitable for you.
You will also be asked to provide a resume so that the trainer and assessor can assess your prior knowledge and existing skill set.

It is essential that you provide MHRC with any units that you believe you may have already achieved at enrolment stage so they can be assessed for a CREDIT TRANSFER, and which in turn could bring your course cost down.

​​How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered over 15 days of face to face workshops with a highly qualified trainer and assessor who will align the program to your required outcomes. This is delivered face to face in the classroom broken down in to 3 clusters, each cluster running for 5 days consecutively:

Cluster 1 – DESIGN CLUSTER (5 days) Feb 13th – 17th

Cluster 2 – DELIVERY CLUSTER (5 days) March 27th – 31st

Cluster 3 – ASSESSMENT CLUSTER (5 days) May 1st – 5th

Every 2 months a student support day is offered at MHRC for students to work in our classroom with a Trainer & Assessor to help guide you through any obstacles you may be facing with the assessments. Students are also encouraged to use any of our available classroom/student spaces to continue to work independently away from work or home in a quiet space if needed. Bookings are available through: [email protected]

​How will you be assessed?

Assessment is competency based and evidence based, so you will be required to demonstrate evidence of your ability to perform the tasks required and the knowledge required to complete the units of competency.

Assessment Methods
​You will be required to complete a major project, which will be a series of structured activities that are relevant to the VET sector and reflect current industry practice. The evidence that you produce will be contextualised for your own workplace, or a workplace of your choice.
You will be directly observed by your assessor performing tasks that are required by a trainer and assessor, such as delivering training sessions, assessing learners, participating in validation sessions conducted by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
Your knowledge will be assessed by:  

  • Knowledge Questions
  • Major Project
  • Structured Activities
  • Observation​

​How long will it take to complete?

The group training sessions and validation sessions will be completed and observed by your assessor during the course of the 15 days. You will be required to complete structured activities to demonstrate your skills which includes the design of assessment plans and assessment tools and assessing individuals against nationally recognised units of competency.
You will commence these activities during the training but will not have sufficient time during this period to complete all the requirements. You will be required to continue with your own study time after the delivery in the face to face workshops and to complete your assessment requirements and knowledge questions over the next 6-12 months. You will be provided with access to a Learning Management System (LMS) as well as another resource area where you will also be able to continue to collaborate with your group and engage with the learning materials from the workshops.

Depending upon your prior knowledge this may take you between 600 – 2400 hours to complete in full as recommended by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for a Certificate IV qualification. Experienced people with good computer skills may achieve competency in a shorter period of time.

Your learning will continue after the workshops by engaging in the learning resources, independent research and study.

At MHRC the TAE40116 course calendar offers 3 rotations per year of this course.

Each course runs in 3 clusters in this order – each for 5 days in the classroom.

1 – DESIGN Cluster – TAEDES401 / TAEDES402 / TAELN411

2 – DELIVERY Cluster – TEADEL401 / TEADEL402 / BSBCMM411


We strongly suggest that you consider:

  • Your work/personal commitments are heavy, and you do not have much time in between clusters to finish off homework and submit evidence.
  • Your computer skills are not strong.
  • You are not use to ‘learning’ at a certificate IV level at a ‘fast track’ pace.


MHRC has a duty of care over all students and their general well being whilst studying. Students who MHRC perceive as ‘struggling’ with any of the above on a Fast Track pathway, will be asked to delay the next cluster until the previous cluster assessment tasks has been submitted and deemed competent. If the student (and the employer) insists on attending, a declaration will need to be signed.

Please note: All students enrolling for the full course will have 12 months to complete the qualification and are encouraged to use the whole duration if needed for a full understanding of the knowledge and performance skills required.

​How much does it cost?

Maximum 10 people to maximise interaction with the trainer and assessor and learning outcomes.

​Payment Terms Option 1: 
Deposit: $1000 to secure your place on the program – prior to commencement of first cluster
Balance: $2590 – due prior to commencement of second cluster training delivery or for self-paced / RPL students 1 month after commencement

Payment Terms Option 2: (available to assist individuals)
$1000 deposit to be paid to secure your place +

  • $950 to be paid before the 1st cluster start date
  • $950 to be paid before the 2nd cluster start date
  • $950 to be paid before the 3rd cluster start date
  • Total paid = $3850

Please note students enrolling in this course may be eligible to receive financial assistance through Services Australia when studying full time. Please refer to Services Australia for more information.

​What is included in the program?

The program is divided into three clusters that build on each skill level that will scaffold your learning and provide you with a clear framework for your skills development.

DESIGN Cluster (delivery time: 5 days)
​This cluster will provide you with the background of the VET sector and the standards that guide the sector, training packages and how to design learning programs that meet the requirements of clients, industry and your learners. It will cover the key theories and principles that guide adult learning and how to address language, literacy and numeracy issues.

This cluster would be highly beneficial for course administrators and student support coordinators to gain a valuable background into the VET sector and to give context to their role. This could be attended and completed as a skill set.

This cluster is comprised of three units of competency:

TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to conceptualise, design, develop and review learning programs to meet an identified need for a group of learners. The unit addresses the skills and knowledge needed to identify the parameters of a learning program, determine its design, outline the content, and review its effectiveness.
It applies to trainers or facilitators who work under limited supervision to design, or develop, learning programs that are discrete, and provide a planned learning approach that relates to specific learning and training needs, or part of the learning design for a qualification.

TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use training packages and accredited courses as tools to support industry, organisation and individual competency development needs.
It applies to individuals who are working in or with training and/or assessment organisations as an entry-level trainer, teacher, facilitator or assessor using a pre-defined training product, such as a training package or accredited course.

TAELLN411 – Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge a vocational trainer or assessor requires to identify language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skill requirements of training and the work environment, and to use resources and strategies that meet the needs of the learner group.
The unit applies to individuals who teach, train, assess and develop resources.
Competence in this unit does not indicate that a person is a qualified specialist adult language, literacy or numeracy practitioner.

DELIVERY Cluster (delivery time: 5 days)
​This cluster will provide you with the skills and knowledge to design and deliver group-based learning programs, individual workplace learning programs and to enhance your training and presentation skills.
To successfully complete this cluster you may have some prior experience in delivering and presentation or be a novice presenter.

This cluster is comprised of three units of competency:

TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan, organise and deliver training for individuals within a group.
It applies to a person working as an entry-level trainer, teacher or facilitator structuring a learning program developed by others in, or with, a training and assessment organisation.

TAEDEL402 – Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace 
This unit describes skills and knowledge required to plan, organise and facilitate learning for individuals in a workplace, using real work activities as the basis for learning.
It applies to a person working as an entry-level trainer, teacher or facilitator or an employee, team leader or workplace supervisor responsible for guiding learning through work.

BSBCMM411 – Make presentations 
This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.
This unit applies to individuals who may be expected to make presentations for a range of purposes, such as marketing, training and promotions. They contribute well developed communication skills in presenting a range of concepts and ideas.

Delivery and Observation of Group Based Learning Sessions
You will be required to deliver 2 x 40-minute group-based learning sessions to your peers and assessor during the Delivery cluster. During this time, you will be assessed whilst delivering your own sessions and you will participate in, and evaluate, the sessions delivered by your peers. At the end of this time you will conduct a self-review of your own performance to improve your own practice.


ASSESSMENT Cluster (delivery time: 5 days)

This cluster will provide you with planning and developing assessment tools, planning assessment activities, assessing the students competency and the key concepts of validation processes.

TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan the assessment process, including recognition of prior learning (RPL), in a competency-based assessment system.
It applies to individuals with assessment planning responsibilities.
In planning activities and processes, individuals are required to identify the components of assessment tools, analyse and interpret assessment tools, and develop assessment instruments (also known as assessment tasks) and assessment plans.

TAEASS402 Assess competence 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement an assessment plan and gather quality evidence to assess the competence of a candidate using compliant assessment tools.
It applies to teachers, trainers and assessors in enterprises and registered training organisations (RTOs) and those providing assessment advisory services.

TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to participate in an assessment validation process.
It applies to assessors and workplace supervisors with assessment validation responsibilities participating in, but not necessarily leading, the process.

TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools 
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design and to develop assessment tools used to guide the collection of quality evidence, including their application in formative, summative and recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment.
It applies to experienced practitioners responsible for the development and/or delivery of training and assessment products and services.

Student Support Day– OPTIONAL
Optional student support days are offered every 2 months to assist participants with learning and to ensure that you are staying on track with your study plan to successfully complete the qualification. This is optional and included free of charge in the program. You will have access to a trainer and assessor throughout the day to ask questions and seek guidance. Please see the course calendar for dates.

Training Resources

You will be provided with:

  • access to our Learning Management System (LMS) with online course materials and portal to complete your assessments. This is web-based so you will be able to login and work from any location and continue from where you left off
  • access to the Murray House Resource Centre Resource Library with all the resources from the workshops including PowerPoints, videos, handouts, website links, downloads
  • templates to complete your assessments available online

You will need to have:

  • access to a computer and internet
  • basic computer skills to access information online and to complete assessment templates

Qualification Pathways
On successful completion of these units you will have credit towards TAE50216 the Diploma of Training Design and Development for two of the ten units of competency required to complete the full qualification.

​When is the course scheduled?

​Where is training conducted?

The course is held at Murray House Resource Centre in Pinjarra in our dedicated training rooms, equipped with computers and resources required to complete the program. We encourage all learners to bring their own laptop. If you would like to use a computer at MHRC. Please let us know so we can book one out for you. 
We also have the capability to deliver in remote or regional locations in order to meet the needs of our corporate clients.

Course times: 
8.30am – 3.30pm
14 James St, Pinjarra WA 6208
There is ample free parking located behind our building.
Morning tea is provided. We have a fridge and microwave for your use if you wish to bring your own lunch, alternatively there are several food outlets across the road located at Pinjarra Junction Shopping Centre.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
RPL is available to anyone who currently works in this area and can provide sufficient workplace evidence that meets the requirements of the unit of competency. If you wish to consider RPL for all or part of your qualification, please call Murray House Resource Centre to discuss this option with a qualified TAE assessor.

Credit Transfers
If you already hold any of the above units, or equivalent units, you will be awarded a Credit Transfer for each unit, which means that you will not have to attend training or complete assessments for these units. This will apply to anyone who holds a current skill set from the TAE training package, such as the TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set. For each unit awarded Credit Transfer you will receive a $395 discount per unit from the course fee. You will need to provide evidence of the authenticity of these units or skill sets held. Please refer to Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure for further information or call to discuss with one of our team.

All course enquiries:

Murray House Resource Centre:
P: 08 9531 2298
E: [email protected]